About HSM Training

What makes HSM different from other law enforcement training providers?

The ethos of HSM Training is to provide bespoke training to our customers. We care about them and we care about the job they are trying to do. By keeping our overheads low and spending a significant amount of time researching, developing, and documenting emerging best practices we can provide the highest quality training within budgets that agencies can afford. Everything we teach will be thoroughly researched from an academic perspective and will be delivered to the highest professional standards. 


What makes our training different?

Training needs to be delivered in a way that meets both the strategic needs of the agency and the tactical needs of practitioners. Our training is delivered by experienced trainers who have through knowledge of both strategic and tactical concerns. When it comes to practical training we use 'Predicted Task Learning'™ a training technique designed to give practitioners the opportunity to deal with ‘real life’ scenarios within a safe learning environment. We pride ourselves in making our training engaging. As one of our customers commented – 'It was delivered with humour and humanity' 


How much will it cost?

Each agency's needs are unique. Let us know what your needs are we will quote you a price that is valid for one year from date of quote. Our training will save you money. 

We also recognise that while agencies in developing nations may well desire the best training that is available, they simply cannot afford to pay what others in more developed countries can. Crime and terrorism work without borders and HSM Training and Consultancy believe our colleagues in developing nations should get the training they need. Talk to us and we will hopefully be able to come to an arrangement.


What about human rights?

The protection of the rights of the citizen is paramount. All our lessons are designed to promote ethical decision making, civil liberties, diversity, and a respect for human rights.  These aspects are incorporated as ‘core themes’ running through every course we deliver.

Is training all you do?

While a significant amount of our business revolves around training an increasing amount of our time is now dedicated to consultancy, ensuring that agencies have in place adequate structures to enable them to perform their duties in a cost effective manner and to protect them with regard to litigation.

We also provide expert testimony in relation to all aspects of human source (confidential informant) management, risk management relating to covert operations and all aspects of intelligence management.