New informant legislation in North Dakota - a lesson for all

 North Dakota has recently brought into force new legislation relating to the management of confidential informants. This legislation is a direct result of the death of a confidential informant Andrew Sadek.  you can read the new legislation here:

and details of the case here:

It is unfortunate to say the least that it takes the death of a person before legislatures and law enforcement seem to realise that managing confidential informants is a risky business and that those involved required significant training,

With regard to the specific legislation unfortunately it is poorly written. There is significant ambiguity with regard to the definition of a confidential informant and one that undoubtedly will be exploited by those not wishing to comply with the legislation. I find it hard to believe it was drafted by a trained lawyer and it is obvious that if it was drafted by a lawyer, it was drafted with one who has no idea about managing confidential informants. 

On a positive side making training mandatory every three years is a very progressive move provided that the training that has to be delivered is fit for purpose. Basic training to manage informants takes a minimum of two weeks of both theoretical and practical tuition. The work should only be carried out by officers who are assessed a being suitable for the role against agreed standards.

If  an agency needs ideas about training please do not hesitate to get in contact.