Intelligence Training in Developing Countries

At HSM Training we pride ourselves on our ability to develop and deliver bespoke courses to meet the specific needs of our customers. There is little point in delivering a course that has been developed for a sophisticated agency in the UK to an under-resourced agency in the developing world.  Training needs to be specific to the resources of the receiving agency and the specific problems they are facing.  

Prior to delivering training we engage in a period of consultation with the client and we research the specific problems they are facing. This in-depth preparation has allowed us to deliver training in countries on all five continents. With destinations as diverse as Philippines to Niger, and Cameroon to Sri Lanka are training courses have been designed to address the many diverse problems faced by law enforcement and intelligence agencies working in these countries.

Our training covers a wide range of subjects including counter terrorism, intelligence led policing, recruiting and managing human sources (confidential informants), protecting critical infrastructure and leadership.  All our courses include as core themes the topics of human rights, teamwork, ethics and diversity. The training is delivered in a highly interactive manner equipping the attendees with the skills necessary to problem solve within their own areas of responsibility.

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