Managing Information from Confidential Informants

Interesting article from CBS Chicago about information from informants being badly managed:

Chicago Police Wrong Raids: Inspector General Launches Investigation, Lori Lightfoot Calls For Reform After CBS 2 Reporting

The main problem here would appear to be a lack of knowledge about how to manage information received from confidential informants ( AKA Human Sources, CHIS).

‘Information’ is received from sources. It should be passed to a trained intelligence officer who can process that information into ‘intelligence’. Part of the processing will involve checking the veracity and accuracy of the information by comparing it with other existing intelligence. Once this has been done the intelligence can then be disseminated to an end user who can make arrests, carry out searchers, etc. An effective Intelligence Management System maximises the amount of actionable intelligence available while at the same time protecting the rights of citizens.

if you want to read more about effective intelligence management follow the link below:

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