Communication & Interpersonal Skills

Despite the fact that effective communication is at the very core of effective law enforcement many officers receive limited specific training on this subject.

Our Communications and interpersonal skills course vary in length from one day to one week and are intend to provide students with the skills necessary to be effective throughout their career regardless of what role they are undertaking. Courses are intensive with significant amounts of psychological theory interspersed with role play exercises.

Our approach to interpersonal skills training seeks to bring about long-term behavioural change with officers. Through classroom based role plays the officer's dominant communication style is identified and negative traits challenged. The training is adapted to meet the needs of the individual student.

Our leadership training is aimed at helping leaders in agencies better understand what is happening with their staff, how to communicate more effectively with them.  

Leadership courses also include on effective decision making and identify common psychological errors in decision making. As many of the conflicts encountered in the workplace are avoidable, our courses also address how to prevent and manage conflict.

Communicating with members of the public

Communicating with members of the public

Understanding Diversity


At HSM Training we realise that this can often be a topic which causes problems for staff both in the work place and in customer facing roles.

Our diversity courses provide students with an environment in which they can learn the about this topic, in a safe, but challenging and thought-provoking way. Courses include the underpinning psychology and relevant role plays. Courses also focus on the use of language, equipping students with a better understanding of the appropriate use of language. 

The courses are not intended to address issues pertaining to any particular group or section within society,  but focus on how and why people behave in the way they do. This approach means that officers are better equipped to deal with whatever aspect of diversity they encounter and not just how to engage with one specific group,

This training provides officers with the skills necessary to deal more effectively with people regardless of who they are, where they come from, or their values and beliefs.

These courses will have significant benefit for police services where there are large diverse communities within their area of responsibility.  

Policing Diverse Communities

Policing Diverse Communities