Counter-Terrorism/Countering Violent Extremism

The threat of terrorism is a problem that is facing most agencies across the world in one form or another. 

At HSM Training we provide courses that address many of the knowledge gaps that agencies have. All our training and consultancy is based in real life experience of dealing with terrorism on an international basis. 

Our courses provide students with the knowledge of how terrorists think and why they act in the ways they do. Courses focus on topics including the psychology involved and strategies to combat terrorist organisations in all aspects and at all levels. Our scenario centred courses take students through reality based exercises where they have to investigate the activities of a terrorist group. These courses immerse the student in a scenario where, having first been taught the theory, they are then expected to apply it to address an emerging problem.

It is often the role of law enforcement to provide advice and guidance in relation to combating a terrorist attack at a public event or at a particular location.  Our protective security course includes training on how to assess and quantify the risk of a terrorist attack and what security measures can be put in place to combat the risk of a successful attack at that event or location.

In our consultancy role we are also able to assess, evaluate and document vulnerabilities with regard to a potential terrorist attack at any particular event or location. This includes such locations as hotels, visitor attractions and public events. 

Countering Violent Extremism in Schools

We provided training to teachers and support staff with regard to identifying and countering the violent extremism in schools. Our courses are bespoke for your location and the demographic of your pupils. These courses will help teachers spot pupils who are at risk and allow head teachers to put in place strategies to minimise the risk to pupils.