HSM Training and Consultancy are well equipped to deliver capacity building training in developing nations. These services can be delivered in both English and French.

Currently we are in a position to deliver the following training courses in a bilingual format.

  • Intelligence management
  • Human Source Management (Informant Management)
  • Surveillance
  • Intelligence Analysis

We can also provide consultancy services in relation to these business areas.



HSM Training and Consultancy est bien équipé afin d'offrir plusieurs formations en développement des capacités dans les pays en développement.   Ces services sont offerts en anglais et en français.

Nous sommes en mesure d'offrir les cours suivants dans un format bilingue.

  • Gestion du Renseignement
  • Gestion des Sources Humaines (informateurs)
  • Surveillance
  • Analyse du Renseignement

Nous offrons également  des services conseils dans ces domaines d'activités. 



HSM Training and consultancy provide a wide range of solutions that can assist your agency. Our expertise enables us not only to help you out with when problem is present but to do it more rapidly and effectively than attempting to address the problem “in house”. This not only provides you better options but saves you money in the process. We have had the benefit of working in many different places with many different agencies who have faced the same issues as you are encountering. Let our experience work for you. 

If you have you have an issue contact as and we will see if we can help. Better still, speak to us before you have an issue, as prevention is often cheaper than a cure.
The following are some of the consultancy services we offer:

  • Independent Audit: We can provide comprehensive audits of your intelligence management structures including all your structures for managing covert and undercover operations. We can also audit individual cases or operations. What you get from us is an independent view of what has happened. We will treat all your material with the highest levels of confidentiality and can report in either verbally or in writing. 
  • Policy and procedures: Every agency needs these two things but they are often difficult to get right. We can audit yours for content and effectiveness or if you want we can write new and better ones for you.
  • Advice and guidance: Sometimes all it takes is a bit of insight or ‘out of the box’ thinking. If something is concerning you about any of the business areas discussed above drop us an email and we will get back to you. We have the expertise. We got it because others shared with us. It does no harm to ask.
  • Expert Testimony: If you require expert testimony relating to any aspect of human source management, intelligence management, or risk management in covert operations, we can provide this. 

For consultancy services please email us at