As a company we provide in depth training into all aspects of United Kingdom covert legislation. 

Many government agencies are now faced with negotiating the complex pieces of legislation that deal with covert law enforcement.  HSM will deliver training to meet the needs of your organisation whether you are just beginning to engage with this legislation or want to bring your staff up to required standards.

Commencing with the underpinning Human Rights legislation we provide easy to understand interpretation of the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act and the attendant Codes of Practice.  To develop knowledge we cover relevant case law and its application to the legislation. 

Understanding is tested through the use of scenarios based on case studies.

All our courses are designed to meet the legislative requirements of the host country and are constructed to withstand the highest levels of public scrutiny.


There is significant pressure on police officers to act in an ethical manner and to make ethically based decisions. Our ethics courses provide officers with a clear understanding of the nature or ethics and morals, the differences between the two, and different approaches to making ethical decisions. 

Health and safety Legislation

Many law enforcement agencies have difficulty interpreting and complying with Health and Safety Legislation. We are able to provide expert advice about about to identify, document  and managehealth and safety risks for all aspects of policing, ranging from routine patrol activities, to complex covert operations. Don't expose your officers and/or the public to health and safety risks when a few simple steps and some training can ensure all are protected in an effective and accountable way.