At HSM Training we provide our private sector clients with a number of different services. Whether your business involves activities directly involving some investigatory function, loss prevention, training needs analysis or training delivery, or you want to improve the communication skills of your staff we have something to offer you.

Training design and delivery We provide a full consultancy service in relation to training, including a full training needs analysis, lesson design and delivery. Our training will address any legislative requirements and is designed to have at its core ethical behaviour. We deliver training to diverse work-forces and all training contains elements of diversity awareness. Training will be delivered in a variety of formats designed to achieve maximum benefits for the employer and staff.

Communication skills training. No matter what business you are involved in people have to talk. All too often business is lost because staff cannot communicate effectively with clients. And how often does the work place become an unpleasant place to be because of work based conflicts. If you want to know why these problems are happening and how to avoid them contact us and we can discuss training options. 

Counter terrorism protective security.  There reality is that 21st century living is that we all face a heightened risk from a terrorist attack. If you are concerned about your business being damaged we can provide advice as to how to protect it. 

Loss prevention. There are many different ways a business can sustain losses and many steps that can be taken to reduce loss. Often one of the main causes relates to disaffected staff. How and why this happens can be identified and prevented. We provide audit and training relating to this and other aspects of loss prevention.