Risk Management

Many aspects of UndERCOVER LAW ENFORCEMENT are fraught with significant risks and real danger.

 In most countries there is a legislative requirement to manage risk effectively with potential for an officer or an agency to face both criminal and civil proceedings if things go wrong.

Whether your agency just wants to manage the risks of every day law enforcement or is involved in undercover operations, managing confidential informants, or other aspects of intelligence led policing HSM Training will provide you with a course that equips students with the knowledge, skills and understanding to manage risk effectively.

The courses are designed to ensure legislative compliance and to incorporate the methodology advocated in the International Standards Organisation’s Standards for Risk Management ISO 31000:18


Managing Risk in Covert Policing - Covert Human Intelligence Sources, Undercover, Surveillance and Witness Protection  - Training Course.

HSM Training and Consultancy provide a "Managing Risk in Covert Policing" Course. This course is aimed at officers of all ranks who are engaged in authorising or carrying out any aspect of covert policing including CHIS (informants), undercover, surveillance or witness protection.  The training provides officers with comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of managing risk including

  • Identifying and documenting risk in accordance with ISO Standard 31000/18 (International Standards for risk management.)

  • Identifying and implementing control measures

  • Human rights

  • Heath and safety ( work place safety ) legislation

  • Psychological factors affecting risk management

  • Relevant national legislation and guidelines.

The methodology trained can be easily integrated into an agency's  current processes for managing covert operations. It is a robust methodology and will stand up to both internal and external scrutiny. 


This two day course costs £1000 plus expenses* and is for twelve officers. 
Additional officers can be included at £50 each. 

The training is delivered at the agency's location. 

Each officer receives a copy of our publication Invest Now or Pay later - Managing risk in covert law enforcement. ( Normal price £20) 

*Expenses involved are return travel to/from London, and accommodation near/at  the training venue.