Undercover Operations.

Many law enforcement agencies utilise undercover methodology to aid them in their functions. Most often the training provided relies on methods that have been handed down from one generation to the next. While there is nothing inherently wrong in this method, it fails to engage with the huge amount of knowledge that has been gathered by social psychologists that can be readily applied by officers while working undercover.

Our undercover training provides officers with the skills necessary to work in an undercover capacity. Focusing on the psychology involved in building and maintaining a covert relationship with a target person or organisation the training includes building credible legends, managing deception, motivation, infiltration methods and elicitation skills.

The training includes both evidence and intelligence gathering methodology.

All our courses blend a mixture of theory, exercises and role play, with the intention of providing students with both the underpinning knowledge in regard to their chosen subject, and the skills to apply that knowledge. We can deliver a complete course or we can integrate a social psychological module into an existing course. This module lasts approximately five days.

Our courses are designed to provide students with the training they need, to meet the world they will encounter. Students are likely to be tested the way they will be tested in the ‘real’ world.

If the client wishes exercises to assess the suitability of the officer for the role can be included in the training.

We also provide training relating to managing the risks in undercover operations.