Bespoke Training

At HSM Training and Consultancy we deliver the highest standards of training available. 

Our students come from many different types of agency and are of many different ranks.

All our courses blend a mixture of theory, exercises and role play, with the intention of providing students with both the underpinning knowledge in regard to their chosen subject, and the skills to apply that knowledge.

Courses are delivered by qualified trainers, many of them recognised experts in their field.

All our courses are designed to meet the legislative requirements of the host country and are constructed to withstand the highest levels of public scrutiny.

Our courses are designed to provide students with the training they need, to meet the world they will encounter.

As we realise that no customer’s needs are exactly the same as any others all our courses are bespoke. This ensures that the customer gets the training they need and at a price they can afford. Included are a selection of the some of the subjects we cover and examples of course content.