Invest Now or Pay Later

[ISBN 978-0-9555604-0-8]  

This book addresses the concerns of law enforcement agencies with regard to how to effectively manage the risks inherent in covert law enforcement. It outlines in clear, concise language, how risks can be accurately identified and managed in accordance with international recognised standards for risk management. Developed following extensive consultation with legal professionals and law enforcement agencies from across the world, the risk process described is currently used by agencies investigating volume crime, organised crime and terrorism. It is designed to ensure that a consistent, effective and fully auditable process for the management of risk is readily available to officers of all ranks and that risks are managed in line with international standards for risk management. The methodology outlined significantly reduces bureaucracy, whilst providing an unambiguous description of the risks that are present. The book presents a tried and tested process to protect, the public and the agency.

The book concentrates on the risks involved in the management of human sources (confidential informants), surveillance and undercover work, but the methodology outlined in the book has been readily adapted to meet many law enforcement requirements including officer safety, overt patrolling, witness protection and protective security. It is user friendly yet provides the detail necessary to aid effective decision making. order a training course and all the students get a copy included.

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