Intelligence Management / Intelligence Led Policing (ILP)

Our intelligence management training is intended to equip officers involved in all aspects of intelligence with the skills they need to undertake their role.

As the concept of intelligence led policing grows in popularity many officers find themselves thrust into a role with little or no training as to how to do the job effectively. Our courses include relevant theories of intelligence and how to set up structures necessary for effective intelligence led policing.

Lessons are provided on the various collection methods including open source, undercover, interception, surveillance and human sources. Other topics covered include ethics civil liberties and human rights issues, processing information and disseminating intelligence, intelligence analysis and turning intelligence into evidence.

Courses can be delivered either as a theory focused module or as an immersion based scenario.

Try one of our courses for your agency. It is highly interactive and challenging.

                      An Intelligence Management System                                        [Copyright HSM Training]

                      An Intelligence Management System   

                                  [Copyright HSM Training]