The Human Source Management System – The use of psychology in the management of human intelligence sources.  

[ISBN: 978-0-9555604-1-5] 

Do you want to be able to recruit more informants and manage the ones you have more productively?

This book describes how to proactively recruit and manage human sources (also referred to as Confidential Informants or HUMINT) using well proven psychological methods. Used in in over forty countries by law enforcement, military and intelligence agencies, the book describes “The Human Source Management System”  a process that works regardless of the agency size, or the nature of criminality that the agency is deployed against, be it local or organised crime, or terrorism. The HSM System has been developed by law enforcement officers and intelligence professionals for the benefit of law enforcement officers and intelligence professionals. Over 500 pages of techniques and tips to ensure the better management of confidential informants.

The HSM System was developed after four years of extensive research and integrates social psychology with the practical aspects of human source management to enhance the recruitment and management of human sources. Combining both good practice gleaned for hundreds of interviews with intelligence professionals around the world and comprehensive research of well-established psychological theory this book contains exclusive material you will not find anywhere else. With hundreds of individual techniques and sixteen chapters giving explicit detail of the proactive targeting, recruiting and handling, The Human Source Management System is the best book of its type available anywhere in the world. If you really want to recruit and manage human sources more effectively you need to get this book.

Price £30 + Postage and Packing [ £10 ] ( If you buy it, don’t find it useful, and tell me why, you can have a full refund.)

This book is sold exclusively to government agencies and available by contacting HSM Training.