Happy and safe 2019 to all our customers

Just to wish a ll our customers a happy and safe 2019.

We saw quite a bit of the world in 2018 and we spoke to a lot of different people.

Hopefully, we provided you with quality training. Whether the training you get from us is in countering violent extremism, managing confidential informants, undercover work or intelligence led policing we will always strive to give you the best product to meet your specific requirements.

Our training is primarily about creating long term behavioural change in your officers and staff. We want to help you do a better job protecting the public and protecting your agency and staff.

Keep coming back here in 2019 for what we hope are useful tips. And to learn about our new books coming out in 2019.

And if you have questions or comments please let us hear them : info@hsmtraining.com