HSM Training and Consultancy is a UK company providing Confidential informant, countering terrorism and intelligence training, and consultancy services to law enforcement, intelligence agencies and the private sector, on a global basis.

We specialise in providing bespoke training for all levels, and consultancy solutions, relating to all aspects of:

  • Intelligence management / Intelligence led policing.

  • Confidential informants (often referred to as ‘human sources’ or people falling into the model of HUMINT)

  • Undercover training.

  • Risk management with particular expertise in risks associate with covert/undercover investigations

  • Counter-terrorism / Countering Violent Extremism.

  • Human rights

  • Witness protection

  • Communication and interpersonal skills for law enforcement and the private sector for staff and leaders.

  • Managing diversity and ethics in a law enforcement context.

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Cost: We deliver training on an international basis. Not everyone has the same financial resources so we do not quote prices here. We prefer to talk to an agency and design a course that fits them and their budget. When it comes to agencies in the western world our training will work out better value than you can deliver it in house. In countries with less resources talk to us we see will see what we can do. Crime and terrorism work on a transnational basis so developing countries need good training and we like to see the world! To discuss costs email us at info@hsmtraining.com or call us on +44 7739 370 969 - you won’t get a high pressure sales pitch - it’s not what we are about.

Working with the wider law enforcement community we ensure that lessons learned by colleagues, are shared and experience developed for the benefit of all.

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HSM Training have published three authoritative volumes on human sources and intelligence

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Photo Credit: ms.akr

We offer comprehensive training in all aspects of intelligence management, human source management and countering violent extremism.

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