Corruption with informants and a failure to deal with it.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has an interesting article on the fall out from an officer deliberately exposing the identiities of informants How 5 rat emojis led to death threats, derailed a homicide case and cost Wisconsin $100K

In short, a corrections officer deliberately exposed the identities of five confidential informants ( aka ‘human sources’, ‘CHIS’) and as a punishment received a one day suspension. He also exposed fellow officers to danger and jeopardised ongoing investigations.

Hard to believe that any one in management thinks that this type of corruption merits only a one day suspension. Placing 5 lives in imminent danger merits this level of punishment?

This speaks to is the way that some view the lives of informants - they are viewed as a lower form of life, as rats to be used then disposed of. It is an appalling unprofessional attitude and sends really bad message to any one else that engages in similar activity.

Managing confidential informants should be done by professional officers who have been properly trained and realise the real risks that informants take. This is one reason why those involved in managing informants need to be assessed and trained before being given access to this type of role.

Ethics should always be a core theme running through all informant training.

And if there is a Chief out there looking at this case now and wondering if their informants are being properly managed, we at HSM Training are always happy to help with expert advice. A call costs nothing